Aaron Swartz

The URI which you can access this page at, http://me.aaronsw.com/ represents me, Aaron Swartz. Do not confuse that URI with identifying this web page.

How can you figure out if someone is Aaron Swartz? Well, there are traditionally three ways:

Something I Am

I am a male human being born in 1986. Here is what I looked like on various days:

A photo of Aaron Swartz wearing his FREE MICKEY shirt. the face of Aaron Swartz another headshot
2002-08-23 2005-07-19 2008-11-24

To my knowledge (and despite persistant rumors), I am not a two-headed alien from a planet outside our solar-system.

Something I Know

As of 2002-08-23, I know a lot about computers.

As of 2002-08-23, I do not know the proper taxons for various common animals.

Something I Have

As of 2002-08-23, I have a PowerBook G4 laptop which I call slithy. On it is the private key which corresponds with my public key (fingerprint: 4FAC 4838 B7D8 D13F A6D9 2EDB 4145 521E 79F0 DF4B). I may digitally sign a nonce with this key for you.

As of 2002-08-23, I don't carry any government-assigned identification papers. I do not drink, smoke, or drive.

More Me

You can find out more about me on Aaron Swartz: The Website.